Custom Eau de Parfum, one of a kind

$ 395.00

NOVA makes custom fragrances which are directed by your taste, specification and skin. The process begins with a 2-hour evaluation and tour through the library of oils. After much discussion, smelling and pairing, we will hone-in on a group of fragrance notes that you love. These notes are the skeleton upon which your fragrance will be built and presented in multiple variations. 

Developing and finalizing depends on client preference. Clients may skip further evaluation and simply receive NOVA's favored version, though continued testing is recommended. Clients may receive scent variations by mail, or return to the studio for guided skin-testing and any necessary formula modification. 

Formulas are recorded with exactness and filed for re-order. The timeline for creating an original eau de parfum/cologne ranges from 2-6 weeks, and depends largely on locale and scheduling. Refills have 1-2 week lead time depending on materials.

This is a non-refundable service. Clients wishing to change their formula structure entirely - following initial pairing and formula creation - are accommodated at additional rates. Final product is exchangeable only upon flaw in manufacture.

Price is before Tax. 


*Your first custom fragrance appointment may have a wait-time, depending on current volume of clients. Feel free to check availability prior to purchase by emailing

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